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Hi! I’m Arnaud

trainer & specialist in alternative medicine

So much to tell you! So little time……
I would like to share with you my passion



In addition to the qualifications you will find on my certificate, I am also a Naturopath and trained in the perinatal care of the couple.

My collaborations with many doctors, surgeons, researchers, fellow health practitioners, sports trainers… have enriched my skills over the years.

Everything I do in my life, I do it with passion, rigour and kindness.

The knowledge that the Creator has kindly given me is a gift. I share it with all the joy it brings me.

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Need support or scientific analysis in alternative techniques?

I work in collaboration with you in your product development projects, stays, hospitality… by providing concrete and scientific elements.

I also work with you in the following areas:

Coaching an athlete

I regularly follow athletes in their quest for performance :

  • Sports preparation
  • Competition
  • Recovery
  • Injury
  • Prevention of sports accidents
  • End-of-career body recovery
  • Other sport-related problems

I personally collaborated with a medical professional who coached Vanessa Morales on her world record attempt to climb Kilimandjaro.

 If you would like to be coached or if you are a sports coach who would like to improve the performance of the athletes he coaches, make an appointment!

Perinatal care

I’m accompanying the couple in their Baby project :

  • Preparation of the body before conception
  • Pregnancy well-being
  • Preparation of the body for and during pregnancy
  • Preparation for childbirth*
  • Post-natal care* for mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding follow-up
  • Specific needs of the mother, fetus or newborn.

*in collaboration with the medical team chosen by the couple

If you wish to be followed by me, make an appointment!

Mood disorders

Based on my experience with psychiatric services, I offer support* in mood disorders such as :

  • OCD
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts and Outcome of Suicide Attempts
  • Cyclothymia
  • Bipolarity
  • Other mental disorders.*Always in collaboration with the medical team

If you wish to be followed by me, make an appointment!


« All I needed was this training to enhance my advice.
It has provided me with a real complement, I have the feeling of closing my knowledge and my knowledge around food.
All I needed was this training to enhance my advice. I found the content very good, it is progressive and allows to assimilate the training quite simply.
I loved seeing Arnaud let himself be carried away by his passion, it gives a lively course. »

Fernando V. — Food Hygiene consultant

 Without hesitation, I recommend it!

This training gave me more details, tips, great encounters and great exchanges.
Whether they are professionals or individuals, I always insist on investing in their intelligence and self-understanding.

Gina — Naturopath & Massage Therapist

I recommend this training because it is very enriching.

The training gave me a different perspective on the physiology and functioning of the body, interesting information on the use of Quinton plasma in different cases.
I recommend this training because it is very enriching for individuals and professionals.

Naïma — Dental surgeon

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