Plasma Marin Training – More details about

For six years now, I’ve been giving this training.
Marine plasma is one of my passions. It’s ALL!

It allows life and promotes it. Every human should know the role of marine plasma in HIS life and in life in general.

I created this training so that it can inform everyone and allow health professionals to draw from plasma resources to help life.

Our training on marine plasma, Quinton plasma, takes place on 2 levels.

Based on a holistic approach, trainer Arnaud Tisserand puts the Marine Plasma at the heart of his teaching.

He leads you to consider all the health methods and to evaluate the place of each one,
whether allopathic or natural, to take care of body and mind.


Arnaud, Stéphanie and their team are very available. Their benevolence and experience sublimate this already exciting training in view of the possibilities of marine plasma.

It is a training that any health or wellness professional should do. It is the basis of life and of the human being as a whole.


Colon Hydrotherapy Practitioner


From level 1, the trainer makes it a point of honour to base his training on the research of scientists (Enderlein, Béchamp…) who marked the beginning of the 20th century.

It is on this scientific basis that the whole holistic context of the understanding of marine plasma, in relation to its role in the living organism, is explained.

You will also have a detailed, scientifically supported explanation of the quality of seawater.


This level will allow you to acquire the fundamental and scientific bases about Marine Plasma, to understand and master its daily use.

This training does not require any prior knowledge and is open to anyone curious about the benefits of seawater, whether in a professional or private setting.


René Quinton in phase with a thousand-year-old marine therapy
Water, an essential element for life
Seawater, a daily tool.
How to use it

It brought me more details, tips, nice encounters and nice exchanges.

Without hesitation, I recommend it!

Whether professional or personal, I always insist on investing in her intelligence and self-understanding.


The content is rich and diverse in the holistic approach to health.

The trainers are very attentive with the group.

I recommend it for those who wish to be actors in their own health.


I participated in both levels to discover and master the benefits of seawater.

This training allowed me to discover the use of the quinton but above all a great questioning.


Second LEVEL

Level 2 is entirely based on the elements obtained in level 1.

It is the logical and scientific continuation of the first level. It will be made up of detailed lessons based on precise and concrete cases, sometimes with situational exercises.

The final objective of this level is that the trainee comes out with complete tools for the use of marine plasma in daily life and in all circumstances.


This level will allow you to learn detailed use and administration protocols through case studies for private or professional use.

In order to attend this level, it is required that you have participated in Level 1 of the Marine Plasma Training. This level allows the trainee to increase his or her competence, which is based on the essential understanding of the first level.



Pillars of Health – A Reminder of the Basics
Protocols of use
The use of marine plasma
Detailed main administrative channels
Case studies

Accessible to all, but above all health is within reach of understanding thanks to this training.

It brought me reading, protocols, more curiosity and tests to conduct on myself.

Thank you!


The training has given me a lot of knowledge!

Analysis, reflections on the importance of globality, of the field, of hydration, of emunctories?

Beautiful encounters and sharing. A desire to go on and on with marine plasma!


It has brought me a real complement, I feel that I have completed my knowledge and know-how around food.
All that was missing was this training to enhance my advice.

I found the content very good, it is progressive and allows me to assimilate the training quite simply.



Customer satisfaction rate

  • Trainer 100% 100%
  • Interactivity 100% 100%
  • Content 100% 100%
  • Ambient 99% 99%

I highly recommend this training because it opens up fields of understanding of the body and how to bring it to full health that are not often found in other trainings.

The course materials are synthetic, which gives us more attention to the trainer’s speech, which has as much valuable information to offer as energy to spare.

Arnaud brings all the necessary scientific rigor but also his years of experience, which makes this training exciting.


See you soon in our trainings !