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Call from Caroline, model, to whom Arnaud, a therapist specialized in perinatal care, had offered to give some news after the birth of her baby:
“The delivery went superbly well. No significant blood loss and my recovery was super fast! I’m not even tired!”
“And how is your baby?”
“He’s beautiful, healthy, a real baby. He sucked immediately and vigorously. The weight curve is impeccable. Thank you so much! Thanks to the sea water! I never thought I’d be able to have such a peaceful pregnancy and finally have such a beautiful baby!” (1)

Why does seawater contribute to such well-being?

Since the division of the first cell that will then give birth to the baby, everything happens in an environment that is conducive to development. This medium consists of alkaline water called amniotic fluid. The pH of this liquid is surprisingly alkaline. Indeed, while our blood pH is about 7.45, the baby is bathed in a pH of 8.4.
8.4 is also the pH of the sea, pure sea water. What a wonderful coincidence!

If we chemically analyze our body, we find that all the elements found on Mendeleev’s famous painting, which is found in all the chemistry rooms of the colleges, are present inside our body. Why is that so? Because our body contains about 70% of a precious liquid: sea water. Indeed, the water in our veins that makes up the blood plasma, the water from our tears, the water from the seminal liquid,… all the water that makes up our body, is seawater loaded with mineral salts with 9 to 11% of minerals. Body water is diluted seawater called isotonic.
Your tears are salty, aren’t they? These minerals are, just like in the sea, precisely proportioned so that no deficiencies appear.

Each mineral or trace element, among the 118 components of Mendeleev’s periodic table, occupies a role in the cell. Among other things, minerals play an important role in fixing vitamins in the body. And the vitamins we know how much we need them! In particular, they help us to feel beautiful throughout the pregnancy but also when the baby is in our arms.
Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, the mother’s body gives her baby the building blocks. These elements are decisive for the adult who will become tomorrow this baby.

In order to be able to fully enjoy it, it is strongly recommended that the mother take a seawater bath. The skin will filter the water and the essential vital elements will penetrate the cells. Drinking seawater diluted in the same proportions as our internal liquids, i.e. isotonic, will provide a regular and appropriate supply for the bodies of both mother and unborn or already born baby. Seawater will also allow a more suitable purification of the body. Waste will be better removed and the skin will remain beautiful and supple.

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