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Water makes up 70% of our body. Our cells cannot function without water. Discover its uses during a wellness stay training course.

   Marine Plasma

Even though our body is 70% water, this water is not fresh water but mineralized water.

Seawater is similar at the base to 99% of our body’s fluids. Discover on the basis of scientific discoveries by Enderlein, Béchamps, Quinton… the wonderful use of marine plasma for living beings. A liquid unmatched and natural whose multiple uses are unparalleled.

General Holistic Naturopathy

Naturopathy encompasses all teachings in traditional natural medicine. Explaining one technique by another, linking the techniques together and understanding their use according to the individual in all his uniqueness is what you will discover during this training. This one is composed of modules. Each module contains multiple points supported by videos, texts, illustrations…

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« All I needed was this training to enhance my advice.

It has provided me with a real complement, I have the feeling of having improved my general knowledge and my knowledge about nutrition.
All I needed was this training to enhance my advice. I found the content very good, it is progressive and allows to assimilate the training quite simply.

I loved seeing Arnaud let himself be carried away by his passion, it makes for a lively course. »

Fernando V. — Food Hygiene consultant

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