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Supporting individuals & professionals .. a passion!

Sharing is a source of joy and satisfaction. Working with the objective of the well-being of the other brings contentment. Achieving oneself by helping one’s neighbour to feel better is one of the most beautiful acts there is.

This is a challenge I face every day of my life. In turn, each of us shares, whether to help others or ourselves.

The knowledge necessary for this sharing is simple, beautiful and natural… but you still need to have access to it…

Come in turn, discover and enjoy this beautiful knowledge !


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Need advice on using a dietary supplement, a health technique or to understand why you are suffering?

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Need support to restore your health, well-being or use marine plasma?

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Need help to support your clients or patients with alternative medicines?

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Water makes up 70% of our body. Our cells cannot function without water. Discover its uses during a wellness stay training course.

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Even though our body is 70% water.
This water is not fresh water but mineralized water.
Seawater is 99% similar at (…)

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Naturopathy encompasses all teachings in traditional natural medicine. Explaining one technique by another, linking the (…) 

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Training in Marine Plasma

” Arnaud brings all the necessary scientific rigour

I highly recommend this training because it opens up fields of understanding of the body and how to bring it to full health that is not often found in other training.

Arnaud brings all the necessary scientific rigour but also his years of experience, which makes this training exciting.”


Osteopathic surgeon

Training in Marine Plasma

” I am sending you these few lines to tell you all the joy, pleasure and gratitude I feel at the end of these four days of formation that I have lived with you. I have received your generosity, your enthusiasm and your transmission of knowledge with the feeling and body awareness that everything you share is right and bright.”


Training in Marine Plasma

“I recommend this training because it is very enriching.

The training gave me a different perspective on the physiology and functioning of the body, interesting information on the use of Quinton plasma in different cases.
I recommend this training because it is very enriching for individuals and professionals.”


Dental surgeon